Marine Satellite Communication

Ku-Band, Ka-Band, Fleet Xpress, Telenor/Anker, Eutelsat, HTS, Inmarsat Fbb, FleetOne, Iridium Certus, Lars Thrane
Certified Installation, Commussioning, Line-Up, TroubleShooting and Repair Services. 

In Stock Spares:
iDirect/Newtec Modems, ACU, BUC, LNB, VIM, Motors, Belts, Cables & Sockets for Intellian & Cobham/Sailor VSAT antennas.

Antenna Brand/Models:
Intellian V Series v60 v60E v60Ka2 v65 v80 v85NX v100 v100NX v130 v130NX
Intellian L-Band C700 Iridium Certus
Intellian F4 Series Fleet One Fbb150 Fbb250 Fbb500
Cobham Sailor Ka 600, 60GX-R2, 1000XTR, 100GX, Ku 800-900A/B, 1000XTR
Cobham Sailor L-Band Fleet One, Fbb150 Fbb250 Fbb500
Cobham Sailor L-Band 4300 Iridium Certus

Marlink - Inmarsat - Cobham - Sailor - Intellian - Iridium - Intelsat - Idirect - Newtec - Eutelsat - SAS - Kvh

Service Availability 24/7/365 

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